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DE CARIO® 4 in 1 Caring Cleanser 是一款四效合一的弱酸性氨基酸洁面乳,主要功能为卸妆、深层洁面、收缩毛孔和美白滋润。此洁面乳通过温和调理,让肌肤回归平衡、完整、健康的状态。在洁面的同时,微小份子能深入肌肤,有效被吸收,补充肌肤因老化或外在刺激所导致流失的养份。它亦能保湿修复,因此洁面后您可感受到肌肤清洁嫩滑,并且不干涩紧绷。

DE CARIO® 4 in 1 Miracle Cleanser is one step cleanser which combines the functions of makeup remover, facial cleanser, toning lotion and whitening essence. It had been tested on sensitive skin under dermatological and ophthalmological control. With soothing and fortifying thermal spa water, the innovative milk-gel texture combines the softness of milk and the freshness of a lotion. Rich yet light, it leaves skin comfortable with no oily residue.

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