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DE CARIO® 防晒逆龄粉是涂抹式微整型系列里花费了最长时间研发和筹备的一款全新医美科技产品。 萃取了 10 万朵珍稀晨露玫瑰,以及顶级珍珠粉的新科技物理防晒冻颜粉,有高达 SPF50+PA+++的防晒系数。当轻触脸庞,质地犹如丝绸般柔滑,让肌肤仿若玫瑰花瓣般,绽放细滑光芒。此防晒逆龄粉颠覆了防晒乳液的概念,以粉末质地来诠释防晒,强调最清新方式给予肌肤最高防晒保护。它采用物理防晒概念,不让肌肤吸收紫外线;反之,皮肤表层的防晒粉会将 UVA 和 UVB 反射出去。无侵入性的防晒更温和,敏感性肤质亦能使用。经皮肤医学检查证实超细致粉末不阻塞毛孔,高抗敏性,有效隔绝外在尘埃,调节皮脂,防汗,改善皮肤阻塞问题。粉状防晒 100%清爽不黏腻,保持肌肤一整日清透干爽,并且能够隐形毛孔。此外,它具备美白功能,有效瓦解黑色素沉淀,改善肤色不均,把暗淡肤色转化为粉嫩,白皙,具光泽感的健康肌肤。

DE CARIO® UV Skin Conditioning Powder is a new technology product that has been prepared and developed by DE CARIO® for a long time. There is an extraction of 100,000 rare morning dew roses, pearl powder and other natural ingredients in order to make skin smooth and resembles a rose-like petals. All natural ingredients formulated physical UV powder was dermatologically tested, non-comedogenic and
hypoallergenic. Non-invasive sunscreen is milder and people with sensitive skin can also be used.

The translucent powder form sunblock is different from traditional sunscreen cream. It is non-sticky and refreshing with effective high UV protection and skin whitening function. The SPF50+PA+++ powder UV effectively protect skin from UVA and UVB. The UV powder is highly portable for convenient reapplication anytime. It also regulates excessive sweat and sebum secretion as well as minimize enlarge pores. After use, the skin stays dry and clear all day long. With whitening function, it helps skin whiten and dispel melanin deposition while protecting the sun. The functional whitening ingredients transform uneven skin tone into luminous and translucent complexion, to create brightening and healthy looking skin.

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