Nutritious Rosy Glow Day and Intensive Micro Cell Night Repair Essences

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DE CARIO® 涂抹式微整形系列之日夜美白修复霜的诞生是经过了多年的临床测试,以及安全考量才研发而成。
DE CARIO® 采用了目前所流行的微针整形科技,将微针配方固定成针状微分子美容液,并配合纳米导入科技,将美容液直达肌肤角质层深处,提高护肤品吸收与成效。
DE CARIO® 告别了传统高危险的注射整形;以涂抹的方式,将美白针、玻尿酸、水光针、肉毒杆菌等微针配方功效发挥至淋漓尽致。此外,安全测试证实了最恰当的配方和含量比例结合,将危险性和副作用降直 0%。此套装主要融合了独特的日夜双重保养。白天主攻美白、亮肤、祛斑;夜间深层修复、保湿、拉提、祛皱、抗老。其效果可以取代高风险和昂贵的整形手术,以安全有效的方式达到最佳肌肤状态,并且杜绝一切整形后遗症。

In year 2015, DE CARIO® Micro Needles Cosmetic series with Day and Night Duo set were officially launched. The micro needle surgery result is to be applied onto our skin with no injection required. In simpler words, it is new formulation of skincare with exclusive technology. After years of clinical trials as well as safety considerations, the most fashionable micro-needles science and technology had been used. Through the micro-needle technique, the ingredients were fixed into micro molecular formulated fluid. Together with the nanotechnology, the nutrients can be absorb directly access to the deep epidermis of skin, without applying the traditional way of injection that might bring negative impact to us.Besides, DE CARIO® is using the most appropriate formula and the content to minimize the risk to 0%. Duo set is combining of the unique day and night care. During the day time, Nutritious Rosy Glow Day Cream helps to whitens, brightens, lightens, increases radiance to our skin and protects skin from UV rays. Whereas, Intensive Micro Cell Night Repair Essence helps in repairs, deep hydrates, lifting as well as to reduce fine lines effectively at night.

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