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随着生物科技不断发展,展望未来 10 年的护肤领域,生物科技将融入保养品,开创护肤产品 的新纪元。
传统的护肤是一种停留在肌肤表层的一种保养,而生物科技则是将人体皮肤结构与 大自然产物进行融合,提取天然成分,利用生物发酵获取其天然成分都无法具备的特殊生理活 性与功能。
DE CARIO 生物科技系列产品通过生物工程技术,以诱导方式让细胞进行深层的自 我改善,可同时间达到有效的美白;补水;修复;抗老;活化等功效。
且生物护肤与人体组织 同源,对肌肤无任何反克副作用和依赖性。适合与任何肤质,任何年龄层安全使用。

BioTech Hom-Pro Series Inspiration & Introduction
With the continuous development of biotechnology, looking forward to the skin care field in the next 10 years, biotechnology will merge into the skin care products and create a new era of skin care. Traditional skin care is a kind of application of the products on the surface of the skin. Biotechnology combines the structure of human skin with the nature and environments, extracts natural ingredients, and uses bio-fermentation process to obtain special physiological features that cannot be achieved even from natural ingredients. DE CARIO biotechnology series products enable cell self-improvement through inductive methods from bio- engineering technology, which helps skin to achieve whitening, hydration, repairing, anti-aging and rejuvenation effectively. In addition, biological skin care is homologous to human tissue, and there is no adverse side effect and dependence on the skin. Dermatologist tested suitable for use all skin types and ages to use.

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